Bristol Energy Cooperative

The Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC) are a community group committed to expanding the use of localised renewable energy across Bristol using a sustainable financing model. So far they’ve been focussing on solar PV and have so far installed panels on three community buildings and have launched a project to build a solar wind farm adjacent to the M48.

They’ve identified areas where they really need help from EWB members, including:

  • Helping to identify buildings suitable for Solar PV (which could include university buildings)
  • Financial & technical modelling of projects and energy auditing of buildings
  • Helping to run outreach events to raise awareness of BEC

BEC has money to spend, so they’re looking for as much help as they can get in order to maximise local renewable generation in Bristol.

Our last training event was a great opportunity to learn more about BEC whilst gaining some transferrable skills:

  • How to do a rapid energy assessment of a building
  • Project modelling
  • Information about their current problems
  • Briefings from Bristol City Council, and Bristol Green Capital

Eventually there might be scope for a more formal EWB Bristol BEC Partnership, so if you’re keen on getting involved drop me an email at

Now has never been a more exciting time to get involved with Bristol’s local energy scene – the council has a vision to become the UK’s Solar Capital, we already play host to the UK’s only council-owned wind turbines and there will be a lot more focus on local renewable energy in preparation for Bristol Green Capital 2015