FRANK Project Leader

Description of the charity:

In 2005, Katie Alcott founded FRANK Water. On a shoestring budget, she bought a few cases of bottled water, sold them to local cafes and restaurants and donated the profits to an NGO in India. Today, FRANK Water is a small, successful safe water charity with a big impact.

FRANK Water works with partners to increase access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, helping close the loop that is critical to health and wellbeing. FRANK Water devotes its energy to reaching marginalised communities where our work can have maximum impact.

Role Description:

This person liaises with Sarika as Frank in Bristol. She comes to us with projects that Frank needs help with. We then decide how we can help and outline a project plan with her for the year. The role requires someone who is confident and passionate about international development. You will be organising team meetings and delegating work. It is important to work as a team, making sure everyone feels they are doing something they are interested in and enjoy, while still meeting Franks targets. It is a busy job, but a huge amount of fun and great experience to talk about in interviews..