Gasification Stove Project Leader

Gasification Stove Project Leader:

  • New role to develop the Gasification stove project and to help create Developing world stove
  • This stove is a large one, developed for 10-15 people to be used in a large room, utilising the gasification technology
  • The role includes organising a weekly evening meeting to help develop the stove from scratch or get in contact with a NGO and help develop an existing stove. This will be in joint contact with the CandlenutCo part of the company who will sell a smaller design in the UK market, with the idea of selling one stove and supplying another to a developing world community.
  • Working closely with an NGO in Ethiopia who we have contacts with, we will bring this stove to use after much testing to help people who are the most in need
  • Turn up to weekly meetings and talk to those who need guidance.
  • Help other committee members.