Hands-on events


Organising Pedal Power Projects, finishing up Wind Turbine Project, and planning Demand Energy Equality workshop.

Overall Goals

Harnessing Bristol student’s enthusiasm for hands on workshops and guiding them into projects that promote international development or sustainability.


Pedal Power:

  • Lead planning and designing of pedal powered machines in weekly meetings
  • Based off planning meeting execute a build day. Aim of at least one workshop day per term.
  • Aim for the end of the year is to have made at least one functional pedal powered machine. Examples include;
    • Smoothie Maker
    • Cinema; Projector or Sound System
    • Pillar Drill
  • Looking for appropriate off grid communities where this machine could be used OR using the machine to raise money for other EWB projects (be mindful of the possible end uses for example a pillar drill could be very useful for building emergency structures in off-grid communities however using a Smoothie Maker is a great fundraising tool on precinct)

Wind Turbine Project:

  • Trying to find a suitable location for the completed wind turbine and organising planning permission (this involves manning the wind turbine project email address and liaising with other EWB branches, for example Bath, who may wish to share a site with us)
  • Bringing the portable version of the wind turbine to promote EWB and renewable energy in the meantime (for example taking it to Fresher’s fair will be a great way of advertising the things EWB can achieve and bringing it to schools may be a good tool for explaining how renewable energy works to children).
  • Organise a construction day if there are any tasks left over from the 2014-2015 year (the main jobs that will be left over will be welding the mast, supports and tools for erecting the structure. A lot of this may be left until a site is found and completed on site)

Demand Energy Equality Workshop:

  • Liaise with DEE to organise a workshop day event. Normally a DEE volunteer can be paid to plan and run the activities in the workshop, so this task mainly involves admin.

This role also enables creative candidates to research future workshops if they are interested in expanding EWB’s portfolio.

Ideal candidates

This role will suit someone who is enthusiastic about making things, enjoys being in the workshop, can lead teams, has good design skills and can organise events.